Learn Timing WITH Follow Cues

I get it... Use time code! Etc.. BUT... With "Learn timing", the clock somehow considers the fade time (I think) of follow cues.. which makes the timing of the cue list significantly delayed (especially after several follow cues are played. I'd really REALLY love to see Learn Timing ONLY consider the cues which are triggered by "GO". In my particular scenario, I was working with a lighting cue list to be played back automatically - while I had another cue list running the 'camera' in Capture 2020 - while Capture was recording a video snapshot. The lighting cue list worked perfectly without "learn timing"... And I assumed that the timed playback would be the same as the timing I record... I was incorrect. Unless I'm missing some big-picture concept, this seems like a fair and reasonable ask. Thoughts? Thanks! Patrick
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