Hog 4 PC Fatal error!!!

Hi everyone,
I encounter a weird problem with my Hog 4 PC, each time I try to launch a show, new or not, I have this message ;
"Fatal error
Error: Verify: 'QObject::disconnect( §(*LogicalNodeARRAY::GetArray()), SIGNAL(txChangeAsTemplate( const Gut::Signal § )),§s trLogical,SLOT(rxLogicalNodeChange( const Gut::Signal §)))' is FALSE.
File: Show/ Show_creation.cpp (Feb 11 2019) , Line: 230
Version: 3.11.0 (b2117)

Stack trace for launcher process, thread Main:"

followed by a popup box saying " Show join failure" .
So basically I can use it ... I tried to uninstall it reinstall it. It was the the version 3.10 but I tried to install the, 3.11, the 3.12 and nothing changed.
Any ideas would be highly appeciated.
Kind regards.
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