Showfile can't record scene's/lists/cues anymore


A few weeks back I updated my console (Hog 4) to 3.13.1, opened my startfile and started to change te patch for an upcoming show.
Everything went like it always did, I changed some fixtures to another type, I added some new ones and I deleted some fixtures.

After fixing my patch I start programming, made several plot views, recorded new groups, changed colour groups, recorded positions etc.
Everything went as it should be. But when I tried to record a scene, a list or a cue, the desktop crashed. I tried several times, rebooted the console, tried on HOG4 PC (same software version), but it crashes.

I reverted back to my previous software version (3.12). Loaded the show file, and still the show file wouldn't record anything but this time the desktop is not crashing, it is freezing after a weird warning: "bites::set: ___position (which is 4294967291) >= _Nb (which is 8192)". Sometimes I get another weird warning, but it all resulted in the same freeze and me not being able to record cues/scenes.

I ended up to start over (just lost a few hours of programming) on 3.12 and was able to run the show without any problems. I'm not sure 3.13.1 is the cause of the problem but for now I don't trust it anymore.

If you'd like to get my showfile for analyses, just let me know.


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    Hello, try merging the show into a new show, It seems the show file may be corrupt.

    Create a backup copy of the current show.
    Start a new show file.
    Open the Shows window, select the Current Show tab and press the Merge Show button, and follow the prompts.
    When asked for a Source Location select the backup file of the problematic show, and follow the prompts.
    Select all of the fixtures and merge, and follow the prompts merging in all the elements of the show.

    Also to confirm it is isolated to the one show file, as a test create a new show with minimal fixtures patched and see if it will record cues etc.
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