Playback wing Touchscreen calibration

I just picked up a Roadhog 3 playback wing (blue with screen). I am using it with Hog4PC 3.13 latest build. Everything seems to function except touch. The pointer is no where near where my finger touches on the screen. Mouse works fine. I can not find a way to calibrate the touch screen. Any guidance would be appreciated


  • DGruberDGruber Registered User
    Wing works fine when connected to a Roadhog 4. Touchscreen calibration issue is present on three different laptops. Problem is there if Hogpc is running or not.
  • DGruberDGruber Registered User
    Solved. Uploading a fresh driver set (most recent single touch) from ELO then running a screen calibration solved my problems.
  • MornMorn Registered User
    Great luck, we have this forum. ;;)
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