Dp8k on hedgehog crashing repeatedly

stagelitesstagelites Registered User, Hog Beta
We have a hedgehog that continues to have its internal DP8k crashing. It is crashing at some time in under 30 secs. We have had it non stop crashing on this show.

Have pixelmaps etc. but crashing is almost unusable.

Version 3.13 of the software


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
    Hello, it may be a problem with the show file such as a corrupt cue or list. Try merging the show into a new show and see if that helps, it sometimes helps sort out odd issues.

    Make a backup copy of the current show.
    Open a new show file.
    Open the Shows window and press MERGE SHOW and follow the prompts.
    When asked for a Source Location, select the backup copy of the current show and follow the prompts.
    Merge in all fixtures, palettes, groups etc.
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