Time Only pallets with List set to Cue Only

Is it even possible to get Time Only pallets working properly with Lists set to Cue Only? Without programming the used fixtures in every single cue. I cant get it working properly.
When the Time Only pallet is replaced by a new time, it doesnt apply to the release/"fade out" time, only to the Fade In of the cue.

When opening the List the Fade tab of cue 1 states 1s,3s.
Where 1s is refering to a BUMP Time only pallet. And 3s is refering to a default fade time. As shown when opening a cue, 3s is no where to be found. But it seems to be the release time for parameters and fixtures not used in the next cue.

I hope i explained it well enough,
Someone who faced this as well and found a solution?


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