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what about releasing a linux version of HOG4PC?
Ich use a Hoglet and frequently run into issues with Windows 10, especially Windows Defender. This one blocks network traffic, slows down any file operation (unpacking fixture library on install, show backup). These could take forever, when you are on older or low-end hardware. The only possibility to speed up things is to deactivate Windows Defender with the registry "hack".

On linux it is more easy to configure a system, which runs smooth on the above mentioned computers. I would like to see an installable package of HOG4PC on a linux distribution (perhabs just debian-based in the first step). I think, this won't be a big deal, since the consoles run on linux. So the software and the drivers seem to be there already.

Another possibility is to pack an installable linux distribution with HOG4PC, so you can install the whole stack on any computer like you do on the consoles. I think, I'm not the only person, who uses one computer only for HOG4PC (without any other things installed).

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    I'd also like to say that the Windows product seems to be rapidly degrading, so it feels like a good idea to have a Linux variant available.
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