OSC Expansion

I was doing a project where it would of been helpful to get the cue list names back to TouchOSC as a label. That way we could see what cue we are in (and it's name) in touch osc as a remote.

Please and Thank you!


  • bowtiebowtie Registered User
    You can, sort of.

    Link a cuelist to a command and call it up on a function button. # is the number corresponding to the function key.

    /hog/status/h#/line1 gives the name

    /hog/status/h#/line2 gives current cue

  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    Multiple lists might be running simultaneously, which implies a different OSC path per list. Which one would you put on touchOSC, and how does the console know to send it? I think what you are asking for is the ability to send an OSC message when a cue runs, and the ability to specify its path.
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