technobeam LCD controller.....can do iris?

jayrayjayray Registered User
edited January 2020 in HES Automated Lighting
can the technobeam lcd controller control the iris on technobeam (i)?
cant find it anywhere on the controller, been through the whole manual (and technobeam manual)
controller says boot version 1.0.....technobeam V1.9
technobeam(i) on V23.2
everything else seems to work fine
thanks for the help guru peoples.........jay


  • jayrayjayray Registered User
    update........looking for the updated v1.26 for technobeam lcd controller
    if anyone can help.....
    perhaps with this uploaded to a working ram card (most batteries would be dead)
    i would be gratfull!! (and could pay some)
    (perhaps a small miracle) thanks for reading.....jay
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