record busking into timecode

i have used this feature with MA and chamsys but cannot find a way to do it on hog.

to be able to record button presses into a timecoded cuelist (or any other format (: ) , since the software already has this ability with keystroke macro's it should be quite an easy thing to implement


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Sometimes the easiest looking tasks are the hardest to get coded...

    You are not the first one who had been asking for that

    A little workaround:
    Make sections of your track
    Record a keystroke macro, this will also record flashes.
    Now trigger that macro with a comment macro in a cue
  • liorhoffliorhoff Registered User
    ye i have thought of that...didnt seem to be a very stable way to run a show though...maybe i am wrong (:

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