Good news on a big show

sicklouiesicklouie Registered User
It is my pleasure to report excellent results from my last show with two Hog III's networked as server and client. I was somewhat apprehensive about controlling a system of several hundred moving lights and seven Catalysts with the two desks/four DP's but except for two oddities it worked really well. There were times when the L.D. was programming large groups of moving lights on his desk, I'm pounding away at Catalyst perimeters, multiple playbacks active on both desks and the processing speed is all good! All displays were responsive at all times. I did find that adding a small eithernet switch F.O.H. to make the console network helped a lot. My hat is off to everyone at HES on the console development team for making what would have taken a mountain of Hog II's, overdrives, DMX switches and cable a couple of years ago - turn into two Hog III's and a bit of eithernet cable.


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    Thanks for the great report Han. We all appreciate your continued dedication and use of the Wholehog 3 system.
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