Bios Battery Where

bnjiebnjie Registered User
Where does the Bios Battery hide it self in a DL3 ? I can´t spot it



  • ChrisLitzChrisLitz Registered User, HES Staff
    bnjie, The BIOS battery in located on the motherboard of the server. It's about the size of a quarter. After replacing it you will need to load the default BIOS settings by following these steps:
    Connect a USB Keyboard to the fixture
    Power ON the Fixture
    When the media server is turned ON, repeatedly press the ‘DEL’ or ‘DELETE’ button on the USB Keyboard. This will open the BIOS Settings.
    Using the Arrow Keys, go to the ‘Save and Exit’ Menu Option at the top.
    Go to the ‘Load Default’ and press ENTER.
    Confirm. Go to Save and Exit. Confirm again.

  • bnjiebnjie Registered User
    Thank you for reply, but where is the motherboard located on the fixture. I have opened the sides on the base of the fixture and can´t locate motherboard, do i have to open it in the bottom ?
  • ChrisLitzChrisLitz Registered User, HES Staff
    Follow these instructions:,_DL3,_DLV,_DLHD

    If you need more help it would be best to email me directly at
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