Hog 4 On PC Hognet Init Failure

mekristomekristo Registered User
I've looked on all the forums and no one seems to have the exact problem I'm having.

I was trying to troubleshoot connecting Hog 4 PC to Capture, and in the process inadvertently changed the port setting in the initial start menu settings pane.

Now it simply won't boot, I get the message Hognet Init Failure,

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, reopening the ports in command line, screaming at it, nothing has worked. I have a huge show this weekend and really won't have available time at the club to get into building my showfile to my client's spec.

I am running Windows 8, Hog 4 PC version, same version of Connect. Hoping there's a command-line reset function for the port or a control panel I'm missing.


  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Staff
    There shouldn't be a need to do anything command line wise, and unfortunately screaming at it won't work (even though we all wish it would :P ).

    Before launching the show, click on settings and try setting it back to 6600. Is the firewall on the computer? How many network adapters do you have open? If more than one, can you try disabling all but 1? We usually suggest the ethernet port being the enabled one.
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