Building effects with random

I'm currently programming a show and need to be able to build ballys and such with a random select in. Or something that's not necessarily in sequential order. I could type the syntax every time calling the fixtures in a random order but that seems a little daunting. The shuffle also doesn't really seem to do what I want either. Does anyone have a work around or something they do to accomplish random effects that is quicker or a truer way?


  • nzpiemannzpieman Registered User
    I've seen a few ops mention they need to hit Shuffle a few times to get more of a random look.
    Maybe Record a Macro? I've got a 'FX Spread' and 'FX Rnd' set of macros in my show file. Gives me a workflow Selecting the fixtures/groups, then run the macro.
    Something along the lines of:
    Key Press 'Effect', (sets the parameter wheels to effects)
    Key Press 'Shuffle', (maybe a few times if you want?)
    Key Down 'Fan',
    Move Parameter Wheel 3 (Offset)
    Key Up 'Fan',
    Key Press Backspace twice (to clear command line)

    Then edit the Macro to speed up all the steps, and you can adjust the amount the wheel spins etc.
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