color effect with 2 lists

Lux_lightingLux_lighting Registered User
Hi, is there a way to record two different lists with colours for a colour effect?
Like :
List 1 / Cue 1 = Blue
List 2 / Cue 2 = Red

= Colour effect Blue/red

When I wanna change it like:
List 1/Cue 7 = Pink
List 2/Cue 5 = Cyan

= Colour effect Pink/Cyan

I will change the colours of the effect with two different Lists



  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Staff
    I like Hue and Saturation color effects for this. Put a Hue effect and record that as a list or scene on a fader. Then you can put the base colors for the effect on another list. You'll want to turn pile-add effects on the colors list, so when you push go on the colors, the effect still stays on.
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