Hog4PC users setting passwords and permissions

YohanYohan Registered User
I am pretty new to Hog (9 Months) and I apologize if I missed this in the manual, but I have Hog4PC and a hoglet running in a club environment. I have 1 other primary operator and 2 performers that operate my show on the nights I don't work, and I am the only one who has any programming knowledge at all. Is it possible to set user permissions on a show file and password protect the user accounts? I have backups on and off site, but users or other staff occasionally need to get a scene called up, but several times in the last month someone has deleted massive portions of my show (i.e. possitions, colors, effects etc.) when I am at another location, and also deleted my on system backups. Obviously I have bigger staff issues, but I need to be able to lock the show down to operation only for all other users but myself, so that I am not spending valuable time getting the show restored and doing phone support. Is this possible? Please help!!


  • nzpiemannzpieman Registered User
    Hog Show files are fairly open, and nothing is really restricted or locked down. Keep lots of backups which you can restore from. I can understand (to a point) someone making huge changes to a show file - but they should really just record things further down in the directories. As for deleting backup files off the computer.. I don't know why they would be deleting these..

    Within windows you could have a backup folder with user permissions set to 'read only'. Then they can restore from the backups, but can't delete them.

    HogPC will access shows from the current windows user (user documents>high end systems>) so you can have your own windows login which will be isolated from the others. That doesn't really solve your problem.
  • YohanYohan Registered User
    I was afraid of that... anyway to have the show launch in a locked state so that they would have to know the pin to access anything?
  • nzpiemannzpieman Registered User
    Not that I know of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Guess hog go with "if they don't know what they're doing and can't play by the rules then GTFO the desk"
  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Staff
    You could try creating a keystroke macro that locks the desk and then have the startup macro in preferences run that keystroke macro.
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