locked two lighting buttons together

Somehow on our hog4pc software two of our lights got locked to each other. It only applies to when using one of them though. I worked around it for a day but can't find how to undo it as they are two very different lighting groups. Anyone have a fix for this? thanks.


  • doxologydoxology Registered User
    No one has a solution? A better word have been that the two buttons are linked but only when I use the one on the right.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited July 2019
    One possibility is both fixtures are recorded into a Group which only one fixture is desired. Look in the Programmer window, there is a button at the top of the windows for it.

    If Groups are being used to select the fixtures, pressing a Group will enter it's fixtures into the Programmer. Press each Group and see if two fixtures come into the Programmer for one of the Groups. Press Clear before pressing the second Group for this to clear the Programmer.

    Try selecting the fixtures by entering the User Number, "1 ENTER", for example. Can both be controlled independently this way?

    To edit a Group, press CLEAR.
    Select only the Fixtures to be included in the Group in the Programmer window.
    Press RECORD and release it, then touch the Group square in the Group Directory.
    Press REPLACE from the box that appears. This will replace the old Group with what is currently in the Programmer window.

    If this doesn't help, explain in more detail how the fixtures are being selected, etc to help us understand what is happening exactly.
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