List with effect cue does not get stomped propperly, when overridden

I have a bunch of lists with just one cue in it each. All cues consist only of pan/tilt effect values (I quadruple checked it. Really! ;-) ). No static values. All lists are on persist on override. So when I first trigger these lists one after each other, the previous lists get stomped and are marked grey as they should. If I re-trigger those stomped lists and than override them with another, these lists go to blue instead of grey. I figured out that, as soon as I add a static value to the lists, they always go to grey as I expect them to do and not only the first time. Is this a bug or expected behavior and if yes, why?

Road Hog 4
Hog OS 3.12


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
    Hi, I may be misunderstanding, but if the desired reaction is for the previous cue to release when the new one is played, removing Persist on Override should take care of it, I believe that is what is keeping the lists from going gray, or releasing.
  • MornMorn Registered User
    From my understanding a list without persist on override should have no color at all (=released). When all parameters of that list get overwritten by another scene with persist on override on, it should go to grey (=overridden). And this is exactly what I intend.
    But in my case they only go to grey for the first time. When overridden by the second time they go to blue, though all parameters should be overridden again, of course.
    Interesting is, that this misbehavior only happens, when there are only fx values in the lists, but no static values. If I add static values to the lists, they always go to grey, no matter how often they got triggered and overridden again.
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