Effects with palletes


I am trying to create an effect on two colours, l180 and l105.
When I use the group, then effect @ colour 52 through colour 53 .
I will see these two colours, but also other colours , that I do not want. How to do this in a easy way?

Can I give the colours in this effect a different path and length?
I want colour 52 to snap
Colour 53 to fade linear out.



  • nzpiemannzpieman Registered User
    Double press Effect to open up the Effects Editor/Directory. You can change the Wave under your color parameters.
    Does Ramp/Inverse Ramp do what you want? Snaps to one color, then fades to the other.
    You can use N-Shot if you only want to run the effect a number of times vs and endless loop.
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