Stop scene from releasing without persist

Hi, I am currently building a new showfile and wanted to make use of time only palettes triggered by macros to update my busk color layout.
I have been going mad over the past few days trying to work a way around this, but nothing so im here asking the hog gurus for mercy.

I have 2 rows of scenes all triggering half the rig into a certain colour . I also use a separate cuelist at a higher priority with stacked colours to have full rig colour bumps on a fader.
In the past the scenes had "persist on override" activated so once the IPCB cuelist was released it would return to the original colour state from the scenes.
Since I have been trying to add time only palettes to update the scenes via macros to do different rig colour wipes I have found that for scenes to use the recorded delay times it must be asserting the list from a released state.

Here is the crux of the problem, If I leave persist turned on it will not use the scene delay times to do the wipe transition. however if I turn persist off the colour bump fader will release the scenes and then return the rig to released white after fading the IPCB cuelist out.

Has anyone found an alternative way to combat this problem?
Potentially a comment or keystroke macro, somehow releasing all scenes that are not outputting data so that persist can remain active on all scenes, or they can get released some other way. Or someway for a higher priority cuelist to not actually release the scenes with priority turned off.
(New Hog4 feature ides, "Persist on override, but only for specific cuelists or scenes") hahaha

Thanks in advance



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    what you want is not a persist on overwrite, as this means keeping the state. You actually want to retrigger that cue so that fade and Delaytimes are played back
    Thats something totally different
  • cgbrown008cgbrown008 Registered User
    Hi MrLorenz, Thanks for that. Now it makes sense why the persist prevents the cue from playing back delay times.
    How would you suggest going about having persist, and then have an overriding cuelist with color bumps which doesn't release the base scene?

    Kind Regards

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