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Hi, I work at a Church as the IT Director. Our previous Technical Director had purchased a hoglet4 console for our church services. We put someone else in charge of lights but that person recently took another job and doesn't have time to lead that area anymore so for now I am kind of being tasked with taking care of lights for Sunday services.

They have it setup so we create a whole new show from scratch each week and each part of the song is setup as a cue in a masterlist it appears. So during service the lighting guy basically just needs to hit the play button for the next cue at the designated part of each song. As we are a Church we sing a lot of different songs from week to week but we also sing some of the same ones fairly frequently.

So I guess I have a couple of questions. One is there a way that we could just save the cue files from certain songs so we could load them if we sing them again a few weeks later without having to build the whole show each week? Second question is in our church environment is hog4pc and a hoglet4 an ideal solution or is there a better solution that you think would work for us?

Thanks so much for your time and expertise.


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hello, my short answer would be pages.

    Set a template page that has a "Master Cuelist"
    That master cuelist would not contain very much fixture data, but it would allow you to change the order for the service pretty easily. This would be achieved through comment macros that trigger various tasks for each song, like triggering other pages, cuelists, or views.

    Think of each cue as a song. You get your setlist for that service, and you just have to rearrange a few cues in this master cuelist.

    Example: you have 10 masters, 20 songs, and you maybe do 5 or 6 songs a morning.
    You make a template page that contains your master cuelist, and maybe a few other things, like houselights, fog, inhibitive masters for video, etc.
    you make a Page for every song, on each page is everything you need to do lighting for this song, whether it be a single cuelist, or multiple playback items and scalers.

    You walk in the morning of, you get your setlist for the service, you rearrange your cues to the right order on your master cuelist on your template page, and you just follow that as the service goes along.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at, 512-836-2242

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    What I would do is I would make every song as a cue list and then move them onto Page 1 whenever you know your order. No need deleting songs or ever launching a new show. Lets say your Church knows how to sing 50 total songs, you can make 50 cue lists, one per song, and they can all be named the title of each song and live in the cue list directory. You can also make lists for your house lights and anything else you may need.

    I would also create a template page with your essentials, like your house lights, so if you have to change a page they are always there.

    From there you can simply move the songs in order to the masters and press play on the desired cue lists to play though the song. The next Sunday or at the end of service you can simply remove the songs from the masters to get ready for next service and then repeat every week. The next week just simply move the songs you are doing back onto the masters in the desired order.
  • doxologydoxology Registered User
    Are there instructional videos on how to create the cue lists and how to move them into the master list?

    So each cue list would contain all of the cue's for the song inside of it so that when we need the lighting person to make the change for chorus or verse, bridge, etc all those cues are basically imported into that master list?

    Since the people doing the lights have left I don't have much experience with hog other than duplicating what they have done. Any further help is appreciated greatly.
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hello, give me a call, and I can walk you through the process.

    Please send me your existing showfile to I will look at it personally, and see if I can determine the best option for what already exists.
  • doxologydoxology Registered User
    I've got a lot going on rest of the day. I will give you a call tomorrow and see if I can get you the show file.

    Thanks for the offer to help.
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