Beginner question: Releasing a cue list isn't working

I am learning Hog 4.

Cue List 1, Cue 1 is outputting Fixture 1 at 100%.

How do I release the cuelist?

According to the manual:

Releasing a playback object such as scene or cuelist relinquishes its control of all fixture
parameters programmed into that cuelist or scene.
To release a cuelist or scene that is assigned to a physical master:
1. Press the choose key for the physical master that you wish to release.
2. Press the Release key located in the main playback section of the console.
• Release + Choose : use the Choose key of the master with the cuelist
you wish to release.

Neither of these options are working for me.

I can turn the light off by playing the next cue in the list or by sliding the handle down.


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    If you have your cuelist set to HTP, then the conventional release will not work, you will have to move the fader down manually.
  • John728John728 Registered User
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