Roadhog 3 Full boar does not boot up. !urgent!

I have a big problem and need an urgent solution.

I have a Roadhog 3 Fullboar.
After a power faillure I wanted to restart the hog but it did not go past the first blue hog screen on the right screen. It just keeps hanging.
I wanted to recover and suddenly got to this screen. But when it started up again, it keeps on stichting to the blue screen.
I changed the Bios battery But No result. The battery was indeed empty, only 0,3v instead of 3v.
Now it is totally done because when it’s starts up to the blue screen and I press any button on the USB keyboard it restarts.
I Can not get in any start up menu.

Anyone a solution?


  • MichaelVNMichaelVN Registered User
    Ok I have done a full recovery install from USB. So it starts up again. But dp8000 is idle and Can not get it running. Also the two screens are reversed in touch ( I Touch left screen and arrow moves at the right screen).

    How can I solve this new issue?
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