Road Hog 4 + ArtNet and DP8k

Hello all,

I have a Road Hog 4 and want to expand the 4 DMX outputs. I’m a bit confused on what the literature is telling me about my options. I’m reading that I have:

(4) Fixed Universes of DMX 512 and up to (8) Universes of DMX 512 over ArtNet or sACN

Does this mean I can use the (4) fixed universes AND (8) ArtNet universes, or is it (4) fixed universes and (4) ArtNet universes or (8) ArtNet universes and no fixed universes?

Also, does using a DP8k expand the limited number of universes?
(ie. console limited to 8 universes, add a DP8k, now have 8+16 universes)



  • nzpiemannzpieman Registered User
    Roadhog 4 - Runs it's own Virtual DP8k. It can output up to 8 universes TOTAL. All 8 via Artnet/sACN, 4 of those are available out the back of the console's XLR5 super widget outputs.
    DP8K External - Outputs up to 16 Universes TOTAL. All 16 over Artnet/sACN, 8 of those are available via the XLR5 outputs.
    The DP8K external outputs are additional to your console. Just need to assign different net numbers to them.
    Same as adding more consoles to your show, you can use the available universes from each desk. The weakness is multiple points of failure if any of them go down.
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