As requested by Akito, copying single values is in Tips and Trick

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Ok, here's a sorta effective solution to the single value question...
Absent the ability to copy and paste with the trackball...Select fixtures making sure that the source fixture is selected FIRST, then select the fixtures or fixtures to which you want to copy a particular single parameter value. Then hold down the '/' key and touch the parameter wheel which corresponds to the particular parameter value you wish to copy.
(found in manual under "snapping to a single value") A little more forethought is required (and it could be filed under "Two Handed Programming Moves"-not my favorite category, BTW) than the (forthcoming) copy and paste but it'll get you where you want to go. I think this thread now belongs in tips and tricks.


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    The Equalise function can be very handy. I've definitely found it to be a quick alternative for cloning. When you hold / and touch an encoder wheel, it sets the value for that parameter for all fixtures in the current selection to be the same as the value of that parameter for the first fixture in the selection order.

    I'd thought Akito had been asking for a way to copy values between different parameters. We don't have a quick way to do this, but we have opened a feature request for this functionality.
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    Thank you for contributing here.

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