Rackhog 4 slowing down with time

we have a slight problem / may have found a bug with a Rackhog 4 installed at a customer`s location: The hog seems to respond slower & slower as the day goes on, forcing them to reset the hog each day!

Granted, we are running a "not very usual" setup there: The Rackhog controls all the lighting (architectural & show) in the room (4 universes), and in turn is controlled by 4 Tablets wich run TouchOSC. We launch cuelists and control faders via OSC. In short, the Rackhog is (ab)used to work like an architectural lighting controller.

Hardware: HES Rackhog 4
SW Version: 3.11
Show was created on: 3.11
Rackhog is running as Server, any other machines used for programming as Client.
- 4 I-PADs running Touch OSC
- 1 Rack PC running Hog 4 PC for remote management (we couldn`t get full show access through a VPN yet, so this is a workaround)
- MIDI Input to trigger a scene.
( - Laptop with Hoglet for programming, not in use at the moment)

We also found out that (in contrast to Hog 4 PC) it is not possible to broadcast the OSC Output of the Roadhog. Or I schould rather say it shows a weird behaviour: If we sent the OSC output to a dedicated IP address (let`s say Hog is, Touch OSC is running on a device with an then change to the broadcast address (let`s say, it works- without this step in between it won`t.

Should I rather post the second issue in networking Help?

Thank you very much in andvance for any help,
best regards


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    Hi, as a test if possible reduce the system down to minimal needs and see if the problem continues. It may be a network issue, or possibly something with the Rack Hog such as RAM or processor. If it makes it without slowing down for a day or two, add something else etc. until the slow down occurs and it may indicate a place to start looking.

    Also try merging the show into a new show. Make a backup copy of the show.
    Open the Shows window, and press Merge Show, and follow the prompts.
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