[Feature Request] More GUI Customization

spmckinnspmckinn Registered User

Hey there,

I was thinking it would be Nice/Helpful if we had more GUI customization options.

For instance, I use Hog4PC with a Hoglet and 2x touchscreens. while It is set in Nano Mode, the main GUI gets packed onto the main screen. It would be really cool if it were possible to move the Playback bar to the External Monitor to better line up with the faders, keeping the programming soft keys on the main screen, and freeing up a little more window space on the main screen. Would also be cool if you could add soft keys to the external monitors as well. 

Resizing text, icons, palette buttons, softkeys would be really helpful. I am blessed with large fingers and poor eyesight, LOL. It would be really helpful if you could Increase the font and cell size for information in the Programming and output windows, really any window. When there are a large number of fixtures and you are trying to locate the output a fixture it's very difficult to do with the tiny text. 

Also, a way to find the fixture without selecting it would be cool, like a search bar for editor windows. 

 More GUI customization, in general, would make programming easier, faster and more accurate. 

 What do you guys think?

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