Hi fellow hoggers.

What is your opinion about the new Gdtf file system does high end need to support it or not.


  • MornMorn Registered User
    It seems like ETC joined the GDTF Group, so it seems not to be unlikly, that ETC and HES consoles will support this standard in sometime.
    I think it is a big chance to reduce the amount of end user service desk companies have to give, especially regarding fixture profile requests and fixture profile correcting, which can free up significant resources for faster feature development and bug fixes at the desk softwares. Not taking such an opportunity would be a big disadvantage for a company, compared to their competitors, imho.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    GDTF is not a file system and its for sure not a library. Its a format and "standard" how data is described in an XML file so that several different softwares can keep track of data and can create eg. librarys.

    The console or software needs to read that data and the translate it to its needs.
    And still: GDTF is just as good as the data provided by the manufacturer. Like it is now with DMX Charts.
    If you look at the GDTF supporters/members you will find ETC/HES. So the they for sure are looking at it.
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