How to Post HES Items For Sale

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When selling HES hardware please include:
Specific model
Serial number
Date of manufacturing (if displayed)
Your location
Where you are willing to ship
Asking price and preferred payment.
How it has been used (theatre, tours, corporate, theme park, cruise ship, etc)
A picture of the console front (preferably on) and the back serial tag
If selling a Hedgehog, a picture of the version type (4,4N,4E,4S, or 4X) found on the start screen is also preferred.
Anything else included (flash drives, desk light, road case, external monitors, etc.)

You do not have to provide your contact info in your initial post.

Since new Hog4 series consoles ship with a visualizer included. (Light converse prior 2018, Capture 2019 and later) these can be sold on this page.

HES does not oversee any sales on this forum, HES only monitors what is communicated publicly.

If you suspect a HES product to be stolen please contact HES directly, do not post a response to a suspected post.

If your item has been sold, or no longer for sale, please add a comment to your post so a HES admin can close your discussion.


  • nibornibor Registered User, Hog Beta
    Hog 4 Super Widget 4 Universes like new with pelican case $800 Las Vegas US location Photos on request
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