playback rate does not affect fadeout

Playback rate does not seem to affect outfade times when the playback is set to cue only and there is no information in the next cue for those parameters.

Honestly I expected the release timing to be the one doing the work, which I know does not react to playback rate (why not? I'd like this too, playback rate also affects back and delay time, why not release?)

But although the parameters are released from the list, the timing used to do so is in reality the outfade timing and not the release timing from the cuelist options.

Don't understand me wrong, I prefer the use of outfade timing, but don't understand why the playback rate doesn't affect it in this specific case. Playback rate does affect outfade timings when there is information in the next cue.

(context: color bump cuelists/chases)
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