Bootlooping, crashing, choose buttons flashing

New forum member here with my 1st discussion.
I recently purchased a used '06 Wholehog III from Ebay.
The seller stated when asked that the console had no issues and worked as intended but, I soon found out this was not the case.
It seems to have a power or DC voltage related issue.
I only have the 5v red led on power up. No 12v.
As I understand from some other folks here having similar issues, the 12v output powers the control surface and if that surface has no power, the console will fail it's self-test and attempt a re-boot.
If I leave the main 110vac plugged in and switch off for 10mins or more, the console boots normally, but dies after about 3 minutes.
On a few of these attempted boot cycles, all of the choose keys flash simultaneously.
It's looking like to me that either the capacitors, or the rectifiers in the 12vdc stage of the PSU are gone and discharge completely under load causing the control surface to die and lose comm with the CPU causing a crash.
Has anyone found a solution to this problem?


  • MattGarrettMattGarrett Registered User
    Have you checked DC-DC converter on 12V rail? In middle you have a capacitor 2200uF 63V check him first.
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