3.10 HOG4PC remember intensity values not working after log off/fader always snap to 0 at page chang

MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
Using 3.10 HOG4PC without any hardware.
Just the virtual frontpanel.

* Set up a show with several pages. On master 1 always a different cuelist
* Playback list on master 1, fader at full
* Press next page
-> Fader of master 1 drops to 0 with page change
* Go to preferences and change options to remember intensity values.
* Press next page
* Fader/Intensity values are recalled correct
* Log off
* Play List on master 1, fader at full
* Next Page
-> Master drops to 0

Checked with console, there all is fine, fader values will always stay, even without remember intensity.

So it seems to be related to the virtual frontpanel actualy not connected to real hardware and the settings for virtual faders in preferences, as when these are set to be up for the playbackbar and you do the log-off back into the show the masters all go to full instead of 0


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