Hog OS 3.10.0 - Bugs

My desk crushed 2 times - with very interesting screens and flickering. I used an external wireless usb keyboard. I tried another one - noticed the same issue. After I diskconnected all external USB devices, the console was working fine.
A friend of mine noticed crashes with another Road Hog 4 - same OS version, using a Hog 4 faderwing. The console crashed, when he stored views - without the faderwings touchscreen - the console is working.
Is there a problem with external USB stuff in 3.10.0 ??????


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    edited January 2019
    Generally, external USB devices should work fine, as long as the device does not require installing any additional drivers. I have noticed that some wireless keyboards and mice do not function with the Hog4OS.

    I would recommend using a generic keyboard and mouse.
  • LichtfritzeLichtfritze Registered User
    Well, I will have to do. But i´ve used thoose keyboards many times before - without any problems.

    But what's up with the external screen - touch screen.?

  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    Would you be able to specify what peripheral devices you are trying to use?

    When you updated the console, did you have anything plugged into it either via USB or a monitor? If so try a fresh install of 3.10.0 again without any extra devices plugged in.
  • LichtfritzeLichtfritze Registered User
    I fixed that issue ... ;) Thoose Keyboards are in the bin now.
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