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I already discussed these feature a time ago, but noticed again this weekend that they may be vital :)

The first one is having a possibilty to lock the console, and unlock it again by entering, for example a pin code. This locking may lock all the features of the console, so no output to the rigg, no interaction with the console.

The second one is having a timeout to be set where the screens will switch off until a key is pressed again. This will prevent burn-in. I have disabled the powerlock on the screens, and I switch them off when I leave for a certain time, but, if the power drops, the desk will boot up again, and they will stay on for x time.


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    I know that we have discussed this before internally, but I'm not sure what the result of that discussion was. We have a long standing goal of implementing multi-user security and a number of features based on that, but it sounds to me like your request would be possible without that level of complexity. I've moved this thread into the requests & enhancements forum because Brad can probably answer your question better than I can.

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    Hi Tom,

    yes I guess there are many ideas about multiuser which certainly require quite a lot of development. But as you mentioned, the Pin system is, in my eyes, not a realy multiuser issue, but more some kind of a kiddie, don't touch this, security. That's exactly what happened, having somebody pressing some buttons make quite a lot of mess, and forgetting to turn of the screens, so the stage looked catastrophic and the screens were on the same look for the whole afternoon. That's in fact the story behind my post :)

    As far as I can remember,Hog2 had both features (pin&Screen off) in it,no ?
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    I have logged this as item #9285 because I agree that even with user-level security there are times that you just want to lock out the front panel and touchscreens so you can leave the desk for a moment. The DP has this functionality as does Wholehog 2.

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    Okay great :) Also I guess what would be good would be to have a blank screen (or softpowerdown of the screens) when, for example, the desk lights go to blue, when it is not used for x minutes. because having the LEDs dimmed to blue is nice, but if the screens are still on at that moment, the FOH is not darker :) Also perhaps, if this timeout occurs, the blue LEDs come up,option for the screen to blank/go off and that the desk will lock automaticly, so a pin is needed. That would be nice.

    Forgot to mention: the autolock of the desk if case of no use for x time should be an option too.
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    " the autolock of the desk if case of no use for x time should be an option too"

    :aargh4: AHH That is the stuff that turns into support nightmares! Imagine the poor guy who does not understand and his desk locks him out right as he is about to press GO.... scary. Not saying no to the idea, but it really does scare me.:eek:
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    Hi Brad,

    You convinced me about 2 seconds after I read the post. I can imagine this situation so good, missing an important part after 10 minutes of no action.
    Yes let's drop this idea as quick as it pop'ed up, activating the lock mode is better and is leading to much less problems.
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    The console does turn off the touchscreens after inactivity so they don't burn it, isn't that part of what you are asking for?
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    Hi Chris,

    well the iPC does not do it at the moment, in the shipping configuration You cannot turn off the screens with the powerbutton, but this can be overwritten. But then still, the screens will stay on all the time.

    Maybe the Hog3 console will act differently. (Didn't have the chance to try so far)
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    I was about to post a new thread asking for a console lock, when I thought I best search it first and came across this thread. Just wondering if we were any closer to a simple console lock with either a PIN unlock or certain key-combination unlock.

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    We do have plans for console and show file security and specifications are written. These features do not have a current timeline, but we do plan to add them soon.
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    I am aware that the following requests have been asked for before but just wanted to add to the list of those hoping for this level of security with Hog 3.

    It would be useful to know when you can implement three locks for the Hog 3 Software.

    The first being a Console Lock, allowing no access to screens or playback.
    The second being an Operator Mode - Playback Only.. NO UPDATES / NO Show Save
    The Third being a Programmer Mode - Programming and Focus Updates / Locked out External Burning Window or File Browser Window (console backup ok).

    These options would be useful for most situations where show security is of importance.

    Many Thanks
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Thanks Oli.

    As you stated these are on our to-do lists, but they are not part of the next release. We do hope to implement them in the future.

    thanks for your understanding,
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    any news for this??

    robert gurk
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    lock the console

    it was 2006 a good idea , also today

    any news ?

    thumbs up - Maikel
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