Tutorial on using new fixture builder for fixing profiles

I have heard that a lot of Elation LED movers the profiles are incorrect for gobo and color being the correct dmx channels. Elation likes to change there dmx profiles for fixture but not update there manuals. I tried to update the profile for the Elation Platinum Spot III, and did have have any luck. I was able to get a profile from a friend but it's still not perfect. It would be great if there was a tutorial on how to use the New fixture builder (which is much better btw) to fix profiles. Ie If you find that gobo wheel 1 slot 7 default is off correct by changing the wheel to +7 then you need to change xyz on the profile to correct this so the default has the gobo or color in the right position.


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    edited January 2019
    Hello David,

    I have passed your request on to our video folks.

  • spmckinnspmckinn Registered User
    This would be great! If It could include how certain functions work and parameters in a profile work/communicate with the fixture That would also be helpful. I have built profiles for lights that end up not working even though I have followed the DMX map to the best of my ability, and have to do a work around that stumps the accuracy or functionality of the fixture.
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