Technobeam no working

Hello! I’m form Brazil, and I have a problem with high end systems “Technobeam”.
I’m electronic technician and have six fixtures technobeam: 3 run perfect, and 3 doesnt work.
These fixtures with no working have a problem in the microcontroller (I buyed without micro of other technician).
Ok, I buyed one new microcontroller (mc68331cpv16), and turn on the fixture.
But, he don’t work…run the display, but no reset and no show true caracters.
Can You help me? I tested the eprom (29f010) in other fixture running, and are every ok.
On the pcb have an HD1 connection. Is it an ICSP connection? Can I use this connection for upload the system?
Thanks, and good year for us.


  • maloricarrmaloricarr Registered User, HES Alumni
    Howdy Lucas,

    I just spoke with one of our engineers here at HES and unfortunately you would need a software suite to upload the system. He also noted that it is almost never the processor/microcontroller causing the issue. I would recommend contacting our dealer, Light Parts. They will hopefully be able to repair your boards or offer you new ones. You can reach them at or 512-873-7106.
  • Lucas_BorgesLucas_Borges Registered User

    Hello! Thank you for your response.
    For me it would be difficult to send or buy anything from abroad, because I am from Brazil. I bought the gadgets because I'm a fan of the brand, and I really like technobeam!
    I'm an electronics technician and I'd love to fix them. Is there any other way to write this microcontroller?
    I have here the firmware file available on the site.
    An important question: are there actually files recorded on the microcontroller, or are they present only in flash memory?
    I looked at, and they did not own the pcb
  • Lucas_BorgesLucas_Borges Registered User
    If I get one of the technobeams that works, remove the microcontroller, and install a new microcontroller in place, would it have to work that way? If so, I'll do the test.
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