Studio Spot 250

I have a studio Spot 250 that is giving me a error code beam sensor and I'm not sure if that's the cause or not but the bulb is not striking. Any ideas as to what the problem might be and maybe how to fix it? Also have another Studio Spot 250 that is giving me a pan error code if I read it correctly it says the gear or the belt isn't working correctly or possibly the sensor any help would be appreciated I am now taking care of a nightclub with for Studio Spot 250, 6 technobeam, and for cyber lights.


  • mikegarciamikegarcia Registered User, HES Staff
    sounds like the spot 250 is set in the wrong mode. It sounds like it is set to color, to have a beam error. For the other fixture, there are several things that could have fail. The pan belt could be loose. The encoder sensor could have failed. It could also be that the pan drive gear is loose. Check belt tension. You can check the encoder by letting the fixture home, then grab the yoke and move it in any direction. if the fixture moves back to the position it homed at, then it is not the pan encoder. Check the sets screws on the encoder as well as the pan drive gear.
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