Change the effect color with a macro

Hi everyone,

I have been struggeling for a while to find out how to change a effect's color with a macro or something.
Do you guys know how to do it?


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
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    Simple answer:

    If you're programming in HSI not CMY. Effects are pretty easy to change on the fly.
    Keep in mind that all an effect does is make an adjustment on the base value.

    For example, Select your lights, give them a hue of 0° and 100% saturation. The lights will go red.
    Now let’s give the lights a “mark on” effect on the hue. By default, the effect will change your lights from Red (0°) to Cyan (180°) Set the Rate to 60 BPM to see it faster.
    Record this as effect 1 and call it 180°
    Now change the effect size to 135° 90° 45° respectively, and record effects 2-4.
    Clear your programmer, record some basic color palettes, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Pink, Purple, etc. using HSI.
    Use your Effects directory to determine your changes, and your color directory to set your base values.
    For example, if you want a:
    - Blue/Red effect, set your base value of “Blue” (225°) and your effect size of 135°
    - Green/Pink effect, set your base value of “Green” (135°) and your effect size of 180°
    - Pink/Red effect, set your base value of “Pink” (315°) and your effect size of 45°
    Obviously, these might need some real world value adjustment, but the logic still applies. You can also change your effect wave as well, but keep in mind that for many waves, like the sine, tangent, and sawtooth, the base value will be in the middle, to counteract this make your effect length 200%, which will cut out the “valley” of the wave.
    You can use these palettes to get you some effects pretty quickly.

    8.6.2 Recording Palettes with Kind Masking

    14.1.3 Building Table Effects in the Effects Engine

    14.1.2 Table Effect Attributes

  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
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    Additionally, Hog 4 has the functionality to write Palette through Palette effects.

    Select your fixtures, [Effect] [@] (IPCB palette X) [Thru] (IPCB Palette Y)

    This will put a 5 BPM effect and a sine wave on each of the parameters in the palettes.

    14.1.6 Building Table Effects using Palettes

    If you have any questions give me a call or email

    -Noah Allen

  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
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    Love the mechanism of this, though! :)
  • LeggyLeggy Registered User, Hog Beta
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    To expand on this a bit.
    Record the fixtures to Group 1.
    Create your colour palettes using HS. eg Col 1. Red, Col 2. Green, Col.3 Blue.
    Copy colour 1 to colour 4.
    Create Noah's first effect, Use colour 4 as your base value.
    Record to a Scene.
    Now record a macro "Blind Group 1 Colour 1 Merge Colour 4 Clear Blind".
    Delete the recall view step, and set the Wait times to .02, the duration to .01.
    Copy the macro, edit the copy so it merges colour 2 instead of 1.
    Copy again for colour 3.
    Now create three Scenes that trigger the three macros with comment macros.
    Put your fixtures to full and play the Scene with the effect.
    Now trigger the other three Scenes one at a time. They will change the base value of the effect, so changing its colour.
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