Leon CowherdLeon Cowherd Registered User
Could someone list some other cool effects besides the effects listed in the effects engine directory.

Also, i know you can do a two color step effect, but can you also do a three color step effect? if so could someone list how to do it please.


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited April 2006
    If you're doing a CMY step chase, you will need to set separate offsets for your CMY attributes.

    I.E. set Table to Step on C,M,&Y...set offsets to 0, 120,240, and depending on your length and duration settings, you'll go through the whole spectrum. By adjusting your offsets, sizes, lengths, durations, etc. you can get a whole range of different results.

    Different fixtures behave differently, so play with it a bit till you get desired result.

    If you're doing a Color Wheel Step chase...pick your base point and then adjust the size so that you only move between 3 positions on the color wheel....I do this a lot with the Cyberlights to get chases of Indigo-OW-Red, Green-Blue-Orange, and Purple-CTO-Green.

    Keep in mind that your "middle" base color gets seen twice as much as your other two.

    Hope this helps out:)
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