Nano Hog, Playback Bar, like on RH

Make your Playback Bar 1 instead of PB 0


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    Playback bar "0" is the first playback bar

    You can quickly show/hide playback bars by holding [PIG] and pressing [0][1][2][3] ...[9]

    [PIG][0] will show/hide playback bar "0" or your first 10 faders.

    To map the Nano hog press [SETUP](Control Panel)(Wings) and map the Nano hog to a bank of masters.

    3.10.0 will also introduce virtual wings
  • ListenToLightListenToLight Registered User
    I know, if you make your Playback 1 the Console Playback Bar, you can Line Up your Playbacks with faders, instead of seeing the Master and Selected PB.
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