Pile add Effects in Scene Spreadsheet view

Please add the column pile add Effects in Scene Spreadsheet view, so we can mark a lot of scenes in a row and press set instead of open Scene 1, Options, Pile add ON, close, open Scene 2,....
Thank you


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    You might go to the preferences and select it there in the scene options and then apply it to all existings scenes...
    I know.. It will do it to all. But sometimes turning options of in some scenes is faster than on in a lot
  • ListenToLightListenToLight Registered User
    True - But if i could select multiple scenes in spreadsheet view, i could turn it ON easily for Scene (e.g.:) 1-10, 25-35, etc...
    So its a feature request
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