120K programming

Hey all I have what seems like a dumb question to me, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. we will see..

It's time to build a new show and before I do, I'm looking for other ways to patch in, and program, dimmers for 120K rigs and the like.

In our current show file, we have a 4 color and n/c repeating pattern. R, B, A, M and N/C for both US and DS. This is for a touring application and, as most of you know, time isn't always a luxury so how I currently do it is; each US color and each DS color gets patched to a single channel.

For example, all US Blue is channel 10, whether it's 3 dimmers or 6... Then all Red is 11 and so on.... The DS does the same yet with different channels...

It's quick and convenient and works well but, what it doesn't do is allow me the ability to do any effects within a color such as chases etc...

Other than having more dimmers for each color, is there a way to have more individual control over each fixture within the color? So I can do a chase within the Red's or such?

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