Use Hog PC as a second desk?

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I will be programming in a sports arena, and would like the option of remotely focusing from the house without having to move the entire desk each time. Ideally I would love to wirelessly use my PC as a second desk, as my laptop does not have an ethernet port to connect to the console. Is that even possible?

I've also heard of TouchOSC, but that requires a IPad... If recommended, I can look into getting one. But i'd like to discuss options with what I do have before going that route.

Thanks in advance!


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    Touch OSC does say iPhone 5, but I have found Touch OSC to work well on my Samsung S7 edge perfectly.

    If you're working in a sports arena, I'm not sure how good the wifi range and reliability will be. There are so many factors regarding hardware quality, distance, and interference.

    You could also use an ethernet to USB adapter for your laptop and run hog4PC to connect to your console show. I am assuming you have a direct line from where you want your laptop to your console. I have done this before to connect my surface pro to a show.

    Touch OSC: Acts more like a remote focus Unit.
    Hog4PC: is essentially a second console.
    There are pros and cons to each method, it depends on whats best for you.

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    Thank you!
  • haskinhaskin Registered User
    Great point regarding going wireless. Ill try the PC as a second desk option. Ethernet to USB adapter is on the way!

    Thanks so much
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