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Question for all.
I’m using Touch OSC with a Hog 4 Full Boar and my IPad. Issue I’m having is that while I can control the console with the IPad I am not seeing any of the attributes when programming nor am I seeing any of the different LEDS lit up on each fader. Also when I bring up a faded on the console it is not reflected on the iPad. But when I grab a fader on the iPad it moves up and down on the console. Any ideas ?


  • GuerradGuerrad Registered User
    Also all my auto kind buttons are blank on the iPad but of course lit up and showing on the physical console.
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    its sounds like your Ipad is sending messages to your console, but your console is not sending anything back.

    It could be that your router has a limited range of ip adresss. Make your fullboar obtain ip adress via DHCP under the hognet tab.

    Make sure you have touch OSC enabled for both incoming and outgoing
    Make sure you have different ports for incoming and outgoing (7001 and 7002)
    Make sure these ports line up on both your console and your iPad.
    Make sure your iPad's has your consoles new Ip address, and that your console has your iPad's address.
    Apply and close, Test it now
    If it doesnt work here: Then restart your console, restart your iPad.
    Check that all of the setting above carried over.
    If it still does not work, call product support @ 1 (800) 890-8989
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