Selecting multiple cues

Is there a way to select multiple cues in the cuelist window for live playback? So when you have cues running, and you want to have another color / position etc., that you can select other cues and put them in a kind of hold. And when you want to activate them you can release them, so they play (back). Therefore you don't have to press go on all the cues seperate and release on the ones that were on before, but then it becomes one hold/release / pause/play button. However, this is not a macro... Because it is more for a live situation than a pre-programmed one. Also curious if you also have other playback techniques for live shows.


  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
    I think what you are describing is Busking. Use Scenes instead of cues. Search "Busking" in this forum and you'll get lots of results to read through. You might also try searching Busking in the Hog 4 Facebook Group.
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