Hazer Being sent intensity, despite being a 0%

MidoggymanMidoggyman Registered User
So we are currently running Full Boar 4 (running software version 3.3.1) (with PC Back up), linked to DP8K, linked into Luminex DMX8 MkII Nodes via fixturenet, for distribution via Luminex 512a HUBs. And another houselight controller. All up everytings spread over 12 universes, a few full universes and the rest mostly 40-70%ish

Every thing except for two out of our 3 Ultratech Radiance hazers are working ok. When ever to fade the Intensity of the hazer output to 0% one of them stops pumping but the other two seem to still output at around 20%. I have switched them to the same address as the working one and they seem fine, but when I switch them back to the original address they output. I have tried unpatching and re patching them but they still seem to output. Ideally we would have them as separate channels for better control, and the universe they are currently on doesnt have a free channel, and switching them to another universe would be possible but difficult? I have checked the output values, they are at a dim grey 0% and the source is blank.

Any ideas?


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    What does thhe DMX window show?
    What does the Luminex monitor software show as values for those channels?
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    Selecting SOURCES button at the top of the Output window will change the view to show where the value is coming from. It may show a cuelist number for example, It could have gotten recorded into a cue inadvertently.

    Also if the value in the output window has an orange colored background, the hazer could be Parked at a value other than 0%

    Also checking in the Edit Fixtures window to confirm the Minimum Default didn't get changed to something other than 0%.
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