Wanted: Status Cue ISA Card

telmnstrtelmnstr Registered User
I am geeking around with an old Status Cue console. I'm working to figure out the communications protocol that happens between the board and the computer, except I don't actually have the ISA card.

I've played around with it without the ISA card in a PC but I don't seem to get any data out of the console so I'm thinking there is a wake up command that goes from the PC to the console that I need to figure out.

It's my goal to build a protocol adapter that converts the Status Cue buttons/faders to MIDI note on/off and expression controller values. Just for sport. Maybe use it with laser show software, maybe with lighting software, maybe just run the Windows 95 stuff.

So anyone have one of the old ISA cards from the old system? I have a luggable Windows 98/MS-DOS system for running old laser show software so I'm ready to go on that front.
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