2 sets of lights, one input

I am new to running Hog4 PC (still running tutorials). Please forgive what may be a stupid and/or obvious question. Next week I will be setting up (8) slimpar 64 uplights, (10) Source 4 575 Leko stagewash, and 2) Source 4 575 Leko specials. These sets will be running off the Hog 4 PC. My question is: I only have (1) HOG DMX Widget, with (1) 5-pin input. What is the most economical way to run these different sets? Is setting up a DMX Splitter best, or is there another way?


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    Depends on the geography of your venue - if the route from widget to dimmers to uplights is simple enough (or widget to uplights to dimmers), then do it all on one cable run. Otherwise yes, a DMX splitter will allow you to send one cable to the dimmers and another to the uplights (or several to the uplights if required)

    Also, just a small point, but your widget has one 5 pin OUTput ;)
  • corasmithcorasmith Registered User
    Thank you very much! And thank you for the terminology correction. For our venue, a splitter is probably best.
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