Dimming steppy with fixtures in 3.8.0?

rolfwenzelrolfwenzel Registered User, Hog Beta

Hey Guys,

just searched the forum but did not found anything actual.

Issue: On the weekend something like 40 Fixtures, 2 universes, on a festival stage, connected through artnet. The dimming, manually as in FX was very "steppy" means it looked more like a 4bit dimming rather than 8bit.
Fixtures were Mythos standard and B-Eye K10 easy standard.
Everything else like Movements, fades and FX (except Intensity FX) ran absolutely smooth, just the intensity things were weird.
Restart did not help..

I came across this a few weeks ago where this happened with a Quantum Spot Fixture, connected via DMX, but was not that steppy if i could remember right.

Setup is:
Nano with 8 universe
Hog 3 Wing
SW 3.8.0

Maybe somebody else encountered this?

All the best



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Hey Rolf,

    I only had something similiar with artnet into ClayPaky ShowBattens.
    So I was wondering if you used any nodes or did you run artnet direct into the fixtures?

    Seems like ClayPaky networkcards dont like Gbit. I changed the connection speed on my switches to be fixed to 10mbit and all was fine. Although the speed was set to be auto-detect and the switch was showing 10mbit before.
    Had this as well with Catalyst and Eledy fixtures in the past

    Hope that helps
  • rolfwenzelrolfwenzel Registered User, Hog Beta
    These ran through a Luminex Node. Never encountered trouble with these...
    Of course this could be also a managed switch or something similar inbetween, not sure from festival side..

    The funny thing was that it only affected Intensity, nothing else..

    Will keep an eye on that...


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Yeah thats strange.

    Hope we meet again soon...
    Are you in Cologne this weekend? ;) Playing with DTK
    So jetzt genug Privatchat hier....
    Auf bald Katze
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