Save fixture effect offsets to a cue

AEileringAEilering Registered User
edited May 27 in Hog 4 Tips and Tricks
Is there a way to save fixture effect offsets (more recently called "spread") to a cue, so that I can alter the fixture offset of an effect that is already live?
For example: Change the fixture offset of a tilt effect from LEFT>RIGHT to RANDOM while the same tilt effect is running in a cue?



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    No. The offset directly changes the values. There are ideas of adding options like that to The efx-Engine.
  • AEileringAEilering Registered User
    edited May 30
    Okay thanks. Was just making sure I didn't miss it. I would love if they added that in!
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